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Signatures for Shut down Topix

ID First Name Last Name Comments First Name Zip code
1 BriceBainter Needs shut down. Brice 45601
2 RandyMarple I am a small business owner. It is ruining my business and I have done nothing to deserve this. Randy 42462
3 djhudson this site needs shut down! dj 24901
4 CarlFrye Im tired of seeing people hurt on topix Carl 71019
5 BriannaGormley   Brianna 38654
6 JesseRoy My community has been plaqued by the Topix website. It is disgusting that they don't require people to register before posting and don't moderate. I am fed up. Jesse 87740
7 LexiSpencer   Lexi 99833
8 jessicahicks This is satans playground. Has caused suicides and it is slander. Freedom of speech is one thing, but do it to someone's face not behind a computer screen. jessica 42071
9 EmilySchlink The last thing our country needs is a libel site like Topix. Emily 56456
10 ChristinaDowdy   Christina 01863
11 KristinUtterback It is an evil site. Kristin 38671
12 MadisonFoster I am so sick of all the lies and gossip. That is not free speech!They could at least make people register before posting. Madison 72581
13 CarrieWalters This site has caused problems with my family and work with all the lies and is very hurtful to innocent people including children. The number of families that have been hurt are rediculous. Carrie 63841
14 GailMichaels Topix is a hate speech site. Gail 68949
15 ChasityHoffman It is a site for bullies who go there strictly to bully and gossip. Something must be done quickly. Chasity 06084
16 EvanCarroll topix is indeed a sick rotton loathsome website and also the Spaceman that brat from newzealand is a hypocryte he thinks hes all powerful and worst of all he thinks he can kill everyone which is of course bullflop well one of these days vim gonna get the Evan 76890633
17 BillyGrooms   Billy 29432
18 MichelleMiller close it down. this site is worthless Michelle 62298
19 BarbaraSpeakes No one goes to that nasty site other than to libel and gossip. Topix needs to grow a conscience and clean it up, awful! Barbara 48912
20 EddiePerry   Eddie 42104
21 ShariseWise They need some moderators and everyone should have to sign in with a registered account before posting. It is nothing but trash. Sharise 48197
22 SageBloom It gets worse everyday, just sick! Sage 18938
23 SarahFuselier I think this site preys on the innocent and it needs to be shut down!! people dont use it for good in the community they use it to slander people Sarah 70535
24 MelissaTardugno      
25 kimberlypridemore     40906