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Signatures for Shut down Topix

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26 richardrickett     40906
27 SonyaStrickland The United States is too dangerous to allow a website like Topix to exist without some guidelines in place. Sonya 60402
28 PaigeBoehling That site is pure filth. Libel is not protected by the Constitution people! At the very least people should have to post their real names or at least have some kind of sign in process. Paige 63879
29 CecilMulvany   Cecil 30309
30 NicoleBenefield   Nicole 97381
31 SarahMarsh It is a sinful and disgusting website that has caused so many problems. So many marriages and lives have been destroyed and Topix is making a profit from it. Sarah 38313
32 JoanneSchmitt   Joanne 89406
33 AlyssaLittlejohn   Alyssa 60484
34 KristenRaval   Kristen 38654
35 AshleyBowman Free speech is one thing, libel is something else and that is all Topix is good for. Ashley 35613
36 NancySkaggs Some changes are sorely in need. Nancy 38124
37 AlmaReyes That website has done nothing but cause harm. Our country doesn't need something that sick. Alma 63841
38 AndreaWilson   Andrea 85353
39 NickAguilar   Nick 38610
40 donnieyoung I have been slandered threatened and accused of criminal offenses that are simply untrue my teenage daughter which tried to defend me on this site before I knew it existed was pretty much cyber bullied and it has drove me crazy.SHUT THIS SITE DOWN. Donnie 38852
41 JadaAbram I am amazed at how many Topix petitions I have found out there. This shows Topix is a serious, serious problem. Jada 60605
42 jessicamayer This site is disgusting.People are selling drug's their bodies and auctioning off their kid's and wife's. jessica 14420
43 JohnCousar That website is intended purely for cowards. It has ripped my town apart. John 38024
44 AngelaHarville   Angela 97756
45 KendraLoden   Kendra 78217
46 JolynLaufenberg      
47 JoniVipparthi   Joni 38063
48 amandacarter   amanda 37716
49 AllisonBlount   Allison 38230
50 OlgaBirse Topix has plagued communities for years and nothing is being done. It is time for our leaders to step up. Enough! Olga 38654